Watching Movies Thru Fmovies

The golden age of digital piracy has allowed for ordinary users to watch movies on the Internet for free. It became hard for record artists and moviemakers to compete against their own content with superior distribution methods digitally stolen by thieves. It was around this time that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Copyright Strikes on YouTube were made to take down copyrighted content. Before the dawn of sites like, the main method of defeating digital piracy was through copyright takedowns or DMCAs and whatnot. It was scorched earth or nothing at all. However, these filmmakers soon wizened up and realized that they could monetize the convenience offered by these thieves who use their copyrighted content to make money off of them. They realized the Internet is the new frontier in digital platforms.

The New Frontier in Digital Platforms

  • Television and Pirates Served as the Template: It’s possible to make money through the digital platform. This is proven with the way free non-subscriber-based terrestrial television made their money back in the day. They had sponsors and advertisers as well as loads of commercials running for three minutes in every show intermission. Shows with loads of ratings get quality advertisers in their time slot.
  • Avoid Lawsuits and Whatnot: Users used to think that only pirates of the Internet get punished for distributing copyrighted content for free. Copyright owners can’t sue the entire Internet for infringing their copyright and distributing the latest Game of Thrones episode, after all. However, this soon changed with ISPs banning their clients for torrenting copyrighted content.
  • Prevent Phishing and Hacking: The popularity of digital piracy has resulted in hackers and online outlaws in taking advantage in the overzealousness of pirates and pirating users to get the latest episode of whatever popular show or latest installment of whichever superhero movie is out there. By patronizing official, reputable channels of distribution online as in the case of CrunchyRoll for anime or F-Movies for the latest Hollywood movies, you’re assured of a virus-free time.